P R O P E R T Y    A P P R A I S A L

Robert Beck, Jr.
can help YOU!

License 2695
Appraisal LLC
4205 Gallatin Road
Nashville, TN 37216
Telephone:  (615) 275-9110
Web:  www.beckandbeckreappraisal.com

Robert Beck, Jr.
has been licensed
in the Real Estate industry
since 1987.

He has been licensed as
a Real Estate Appraiser
since 2006.
Currently, Robert is licensed to do
FHA and Conventional appraisals.

Robert has been a member of the
"Million Dollar Club"
in sales many times
during his career!

He is a specialist
in the urban housing market.

On a personal note,
Robert has a very unique
international connection.
He received a
Master of Business Administration
(MBA) in France
in 1990
from European University.

Robert also speaks three
languages fluently  -
French, Italian and Portuguese!


What Is An Appraisal?

   A real estate appraisal is an estimate of the value of a property. 

   Real Estate Appraisals are values that are calculated/estimated  from recent sales of similar properties located near the subject property by using cost and income indexes in the valuation process.. 

   Lending institutions use Real Estate Appraisals to determine how much money to lend.  Often, the legal profession uses appraisals for estate valuation (i.e. divorce settlements).

   Real Estate Appraisals are also used to make sure that the price is right when someone wants to buy or sell a property.

   A Real Estate Appraisal can be done no matter how large or small the property is.  It can also be completed regardless of the age, the architecture, lack of architecture or location of specified property.

   Getting a real estate appraisal before you buy a property makes sense; when an appraisal is completed, you will be given an exact dollar amount of what the land, including any buildings or improvements to land and structures is worth. 

   An accurate real estate appraisal will allow you to insure that you get the best deal on a home that you are buying.  It will also allow you to sell your home for full value, if you are on the other end of the spectrum.  Instead of undervaluing your home, you place an appropriate price tag on your property.  This process could literally mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.

   In addition to knowing the value of your home, and being able to buy or sell for the appropriate price, you need an appraisal in order to get financial assistance and insurance.  All mortgage lenders and insurers require a real estate appraisal to be sure that they are not lending too much for any specific property and to make certain you have the appropriate coverage.

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License 2694
Appraisal LLC
4205 Gallatin Road
Nashville, TN 37216

Telephone:  (615) 275-9110




How To Prepare For
A Home Appraisal...

Always make sure that your home is neat and clean for the appraisal inspection.  While the appraiser may ignore untidiness, your lender may not be so lenient.  Underwriters and desk reviewers check interior and exterior pictures to determine the condition of your property.  You want your home to make a good impression so they will not form a bias against your property.

Make sure that the appraiser has easy access to your home.  He or she must inspect every room inside your house.  If one of the rooms is usually locked, make sure that the occupant of that room is able to unlock it for the inspection period.

Make sure that any renovations such as the addition of a room, the rewiring the electrical system, replacement of the plumbing, etc., is complete by the time an appraisal is scheduled.  Let your appraiser know of any work in progress when making the appointment.

Take care of minor repairs such as a rusty faucet, cracked window or broken light bulb.  These types of repairs are simple and will help create a good impression of your property.

Present your appraiser with a list of improvements you have made to the property.  Be sure to include everything, as these can add to the value of your property.

Have required documents ready for your appraiser, such as your list of additions or improvements to the home, a statement from your Homeowner's Association if applicable, etc.  To find how the information you need so provide, simply ask your appraiser when you make the appointment.